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At The Hearts Ark, we help individuals and small communities in San Diego, California and different parts of the United States. 

Our organization provides solutions to their leadership, employment, and educational needs through our full-service advocacy. With the help of our partners, we aim to give assistance in elevating the lives of people who experience hardship in our communities.

Be a Part of Our Advocacy | Be a Part of The Solution

The Hearts Ark provides leadership in our communities within San Diego and soon,  nationwide.  Join our advocacy movement by making a donation that will help the following endeavors, in all of our communities...

  • K-12 School Districts & Educational Systems
  • Child & Teen Welfare
  • Bully Free Safe Zones - Schools & Social Media
  • Programs & Support
  • Expecting Teen Mothers
  • Advocacy For The Elderly
  • Animal Welfare Awareness & Initiative
  • Team Sports
  • Parks & Recreations
  • Environment & Wildlife Conservation
  • Museums, Art and the Performing Arts
  • Dance, Artists & Professional Organizations
  • Fundraising For Non-Profits, Charitable & Humanitarian Organizations
  • Community Development
  • Projects & Support
  • Crowdfunding Initiatives
  • Micro Movement, Macro Capital

Be a Part of Our Leadership | Be a Part of The Solution

  • Ethical Treatment of The Homeless
  • Homeless "No More" In The pARK
  • MnM's Founder, The Hearts Ark World
  • Programs & Initiatives For The Sick, Needy, Tired, Poor, Hungry, Mentally Disturbed, Distracted and Disabled
  • Safe & Productive Temporary Shelters
  • Permanent-Semi Private Housing
  • Meals, Food & Other Life Necessities
  • Medications, Medical & Psychological Treatment
  • Legal Assistance & Public Representation
  • Life Coaching, Goal Setting & Follow Through Assistance
  • Community Re-introductions
  • Suicide Warning Signs, Identification & Prevention

    Skill Training, Higher Learning & Education

  • Pathways to The ArcAngel Academy and More...
  • Job Search, Application & Resume Writing Assistance
  • Interview & Follow Up/ Follow Through Training
  • Clothing & Transportation
  • Cigarette, Snuff & Vaping Cessation Programs & Support
  • Banking & Financial Planning Support (Money Management)
  • Parenting Skills, Education & Practice
  • Teen Pregnancy Avoidance & Support
  • Stress & Anxiety Avoidance
  • Conflict Avoidance & Resolution
  • Mind, Body & Soul Awareness
  • Strength Conditioning, Physical Activity

Homeless "No-More" Programs

Substance Abuse 

Treatment & Recovery

Partner Network and Programs

  • McAlister Institute
  • San Diego Freedom Ranch
  • Pathfinders of San Diego
  • The Alpha Project
  • HUD Community Partner
  • Department of Justice Civil Rights
  • Order of Sons/Daughters of Italy
  • San Diego Homeless Task Force
  • San Diego Health & Human Svcs.
  • Regional Faith Based Institutions
  • Regional First Responders HART
  • San Diego River Park Foundation
  • Regional Food Banks & Pantries
  • California Smokers Helpline

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