The Hearts Ark

Our compassion, is not a lost art...

Helping Those Who Can’t Help Themselves to Aspire, to Change Their Lives to 

One of Purpose, Dignity, and Fullness.

Our organization provides solutions to their leadership,

employment, and educational needs through our

full-service advocacy.

The Modern Way of Educating America’s Hopefuls!

At the MnM ArcAngel Academy, you will get more than a degree. You will learn essential life skills and perspectives that will help you in your journey through life. With our specialized and advanced course curriculum, we guarantee that our students will learn essential skills and perspectives necessary for them to succeed.

We offer flexible learning arrangements such as centralized locations and online courses. Either way, you will have access to industry-leading programs, exceptionally qualified professors, diverse classroom environments, project-oriented work groups, social clubs, and more!

Debt-Free Education

Unlike traditional colleges and universities, you can study at the MnM ArcAngel Academy without the burden of going in debt. We want you to focus on learning and how to blaze the path of your future, not worrying how you will pay-off debts that may take

half of your life to pay back.

Specialized and Advanced Curriculum

  • Life Essential Skills & Critical Thinking
  • Advanced Business Acumen & Strategy
  • Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Sustainability & Socially Responsible Modeling
  • Marketing Management & Community Devlpmt.
  • Small Business Development & Ownership
  • Information Technology & CyberSecurity
  • Computer Sciences & Programming
  • Music, Performing Arts & Digital Media
  • Language Arts & Communications
  • Political & Social Sciences
  • Philanthropy & Environmental Studies
  • Physical Training & Dietary Education

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