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About the Founder of His Art.  

His Hearts Ark...

Founded in 2019, The Hearts Ark ( Inc.), is a grassroots start-up, Not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization, currently operating in the greater San Diego area.  With plans to expand nationwide, the "Ark" was founded by entrepreneur, humanitarian and philanthropist, Aaron Michael Lambert.

Aaron is the son of James and Sandra Lambert.  Sandra Lambert, a retired Registered Nurse, has been instrumental in providing intensive care and surgical services to her many patients, while in service to her community, for nearly 40 years.  Today, she is blessed with her faith and is an active parish member of Guardian Angels Church, of Santee California.

James Lambert, the current owner and President of Lambert Monument Sales in Kankakee IL., his business has been an integral part of the community for over 70 years. Up to this day, the “family business,” in partnership with his step son Adam, continues to serve the needs of its community, friends, and clients, during the most difficult times in their lives. 

As a Beacon of Compassion, Lambert Monument is an Inspiration to all Americans today and it's worthy to note, the Lambert family’s strength, commitment to excellence, and enduring hearts to succeed.  

Since 1955, only 12% of US Fortune 500 companies remain in existence today, or when the AEI study was first published back in 2014.  Unlike the creative destruction, this article suggests as being good for America, Lambert Monument has endured the best and worst of times in America's history and continues to be the granite, in America's rock.

 Monuments such as these, will long endure the seasons, fortunes of time and they will remain your confidante, no matter what life has to offer.

For More Information on our founder, Aaron Michael Lambert, and his other entrepreneurial ambitions - including MnMArcOne, ArcTube (Educational & Dance Genre Digital Dream Media) and The ArcAngel Academy - please visit The Hearts Ark community partner at the BCLF website below.

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For More Information on his father’s community business, Lambert Monument, please visit the family website below. 

Lambert Monument

Whether in life or in death, the Lambert Family has always been a name you can trust.  In Compassion, we serve our communities, always.  To death do us part.

Aaron Michael Lambert - Homeless & In Poverty (3 years)

The Hearts Ark - He saved his own, broken heart.  This and the above Aspirations, the Gratitude for the Lessons in Life and Humility, realized.

"You're never to good, to great to humble yourself.  If not, the world might, just do it for you.  I hope that's not the case, but if does, where here to help." - Aaron

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