The Hearts Ark

Our compassion, is not a lost art...

Helping Those Who Can’t 

Help Themselves Aspire, to Change 

Their Lives to One of 

Purpose, Dignity, and Fullness.

Our organization provides Leadership & Advocacy, Visionary Pathways to Education

Employment, and Supportative Community Services.

Although Poverty, Homelessness,

 and Inequality (the Heart of the problem) is of epidemic proportions, 

The Heart's Ark is Chartered, specifically to help our 

Youth, Teen and Young Adults in America.  

America's Hopefuls, Our Children,  They Now

Have Hope 

They Can Believe In!

We Won’t Let Poverty & Homelessness, Stop You From Achieving Your Dreams... 

The road to success can be a tough one, especially with poverty hindering your way to achieve your dreams. That’s why we’re here at The Hearts Ark to help. We are a nonprofit organization that serves individuals and small communities in San Diego, California and other communities nationwide.

We focus on helping the people in communities by providing solutions to their education and employment needs. We also work with other organizations to extend a helping hand to the less fortunate nationwide.

Our Mission

Our organization aims to:

  • Combine Regional Strengths and Efforts to Create Scale and Refined Expertise
  • Efficiently and Strategically Serve the Charitable and Humanitarian Needs of the Less Fortunate
  • Drive Measurable and Incremental Results While Maintaining a Renewed Environmental Awareness, Advocacy, and Stewardship

Our Vision

The Heart's Ark is a world integration of nonprofit and charitable organizations. We serve the needs of communities, cities, and all nations alike with dignity to end poverty and the lack of opportunity in education and jobs.